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Land Rover’s New Transparent Hood

Roads that are difficult and have sharp turns are quite challenging for the drivers, so is is going off-road. Positioning themselves on a complicated road is a tough task for a significant number of drivers.

Sometimes, one also takes help for navigation from others on the roads. In order to get to the desired place, the new Transparent Hood technology from Land Rover can play the role of a huge help in such scenario by allowing the drivers to see a distinctive and sharp image of the route.

How does the Transparent Hood Technology Work?

The technology involves mounting cameras at the front of a vehicle and the projection of the road ahead on the smart windshield. A clear and seamless image of the path ahead is formed. This will not only make driving in the cities and small places amazingly easily but also will make parallel parking very convenient.

According to Dr. Wolfgang Epple who is the Director of Research and Technology for Jaguar Land Rover, there is a continuous development and ideation of new technologies to reduce the troubles of drivers in off-road routes as well as while parking in the city.

In the Auto Show that will be held in New York in 2014, this technology will be revealed in detail.

Information courtesy of Gulf Newswire